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street racing ticket

Street Racing Ticket

Roadways can generally be a dangerous place, but they become more unsafe when people decide to participate in “street racing.” This act can be defined

drivers license revoked

Can I Get My Revoked License Back?

Everybody makes mistakes. Some of our earlier, naïve mistakes may have led our licenses to be suspended as a consequence. A revoked license is used

Flashing light of a cop car in Chicago

Scott’s Law Illinois

Under Illinois law, a driver can be facing a serious penalty if the driver approaches a stationary emergency vehicle and refuses to either slow down

Police car pulling over a suspicious driver

When Can Police Search Your Car?

Most of us have been or will get pulled over a traffic infarction at least one time in our life. Traffic stops are the most

how to prepare for court

How to Prepare for Traffic Court

It is not uncommon for many drivers to get traffic tickets but, when it comes to preparing for traffic court appearances, most drivers do now