How Much is a Parking Ticket in Chicago?

Chicago has a very strict parking enforcement policy. If you work, live, or visit the city of Chicago, your odds of getting a parking ticket are pretty high. If you have received your first ticket you may be wondering how much is a parking ticket in Chicago and if you have been unjustly fined.

Most traffic rules offenders believe that it’s impossible to fight these traffic tickets. However, if you know what you’re doing, you can fight these tickets and win. Fortunately, at Chicago Traffic Lawyers, our team of experienced traffic lawyers has fought thousands of traffic tickets and can help you beat your parking tickets. For a free initial consultation, call us today at (708) 465-1040, or chat with us online.

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How Much is a Parking Ticket in Chicago?

Parking tickets are quite common along the streets of Chicago City. In April 2019, drivers in Illinois fought about 19,777 parking tickets at administrative hearings. However, 54% (10,605) of those parking tickets were thrown. Thus, it’s possible to beat your parking ticket, especially with the help of an experienced Chicago parking ticket defense lawyer.

In Illinois, currently, there’s no statute of limitations, meaning that your ticket debt will last forever. Chicago drivers owe $1.45 billion in ticket debt, while New York motorists owe only $238 million because of the eight-year statute of limitations in New York.

On average, parking tickets cost between $50 and $100, but some cost up to $200. There are many traffic violations that range in price. Many parking tickets cost between $50 and $100, but some cost $200. There are many parking violations that range in price. Here are common parking tickets Chicago gives out:

  • Expired parking meter ticket. This parking meter costs $50 to $65.
  • Loading zone ticket. This costs $60.
  • Street cleaning ticket. Chicago street cleaning ticket costs $60.
  • No residential parking permit. This costs $75.
  • Red-light camera ticket. Red-light cameras ticket costs $100.
  • Alley parking ticket. This costs $150.
  • Fire hydrant ticket. This costs $150.
  • Blocking bicycle path ticket. This costs $150.
  • Sticker violation ticket. This costs $200.

How Long Do I Have to Pay Chicago Parking Ticket?

In Chicago, you have up to three months to pay for parking tickets. Late payments may cause your fine to double. Thus, it’s essential to take the initiative and pay for your parking tickets right away.

Do Chicago Speed Camera Tickets Go on Your Record?

If the police catch you speeding, you’re guilty of a moving violation, which goes on your driving record. If you receive three moving violations within 12 months, you’re subject to driver’s license suspension or revocation.

However, the speed camera bill only entails penalties for non-payment of fines. This means that speed camera tickets are similar to parking tickets, you can collect as many as you as long as you pay them.

What are the Defenses for Contesting Red-Light Tickets?

In pursuant of subsection 9-102-020 of the Municipal Code of Chicago, you can use the following defenses to contest red-light violations recorded by automated cameras. First, you must receive a notice by postal mail with threes images of a vehicle registered in your name, including a close-up photo of your vehicle’s license plate:

parking ticket in chicago
  • That the traffic violation happened when your vehicle or the vehicle registration plates were reported to law enforcement agencies as having been stolen, and you hadn’t recovered your vehicle or its license plates at the time of the alleged violation
  • The car was an authorized emergency vehicle or was lawfully taking part in a funeral procession
  • The registered owner of the cited car also received a uniform traffic citation because of violation of sections 9-8-020 (c) or 9-16-030 (c) for red light camera violations issued under section 9-102-020 only
  • The facts in the alleged parking violation are inconsistent or they don’t prove that you violated the Chicago Municipal code; and
  • You were not the owner of the cited vehicle at the time of the alleged parking violations.

What Defenses Can I Use to Contest Most Parking and Compliance Violations?

You can use the following defenses for parking to contest parking and compliance tickets:

  • You were not the registered owner or lessee of the cited car at the time of the alleged parking violation;
  • The cited car or its license plates were stolen at the time of the violation;
  • The relevant signs restricting or forbidding parking were obscured or missing;
  • The relevant parking meter had malfunctioned or was unusable through no fault of the traffic offender.
  • The facts in the parking or compliance violation notice don’t prove the specified violation was violated or the supporting facts are inconsistent. For instance, motorists may contest sticker violations if they have lived in Chicago for less than 30 days or the cited car was purchased in the last 30 days.
  • The illegal vehicle condition didn’t exist at the time of the alleged compliance violation;
  • The illegal car condition was corrected before the traffic court hearing. However, it’s essential to note that this defense doesn’t apply to city sticker violations, muffler or exhaust violations, missing license plate violations, expired registration violations, and tinted windows violations.

Will Contesting My Ticket Give Me More Time to Pay?

No. challenging a ticket won’t buy you more time. In fact, if you’re found guilty, you’ll be billed more quickly. However, if you need more time to pay for a parking ticket, take advantage of Chicago’s available payment plans.

What Information Should I Include If I Challenge My Ticket by Mail?

First, prepare facts that determine an allowable defense. Then, sign any supporting evidence and include the ten-digit number of the ticket you’re challenging on each piece of evidence. Evidence may include photographs, affidavits, your license plates, or official police vehicle theft or recovery reports. Ensure all the paperwork is legible and complete. Make sure you send copies, not originals, because evidence won’t be returned.

Contact Our Experienced Chicago Parking Ticket Lawyers Today for Legal Advice!

If you’re facing serious problems associated with a parking ticket, including a potential risk to your driver’s license from multiple unpaid tickets, your Chicago parking ticket attorney can help you explore legal options for resolving your problems so you no longer need to worry about harsh consequences of unpaid parking tickets.

To find out more about how the experienced traffic defense attorneys at Chicago Traffic Lawyers can help you fight a ticket, and to get help with any legal problems associated with parking tickets issued to you, call Chicago traffic law firm today at (708) 465-1040.

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