Improper U-Turn in Illinois

In Chicago, many U-Turns have led to road crashes and traumatic pedestrian injuries. For this reason, the laws concerning U-Turns in Chicago are stricter compared to other areas in the state of Illinois. As a motorist on the road, making an improper U-Turn ends up causing severe accidents. It means that you will pay for any damages incurred. Damages include medical care, salary lost as a result of the accident, repair of the vehicle. They will pay for all of the expenses as the traffic victim recovers from the vehicle traffic accidents.

If it is determined that the motorist was also recklessly driving, other charges will be added. As Chicago Traffic Lawyers, we want to help you.

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What Is Considered an Improper Turn In Chicago, Illinois

Are you trying to evaluate whether the drivers on the road making a U-turn are in violation of the traffic laws? Let us help you understand what an improper U-turn looks like. It is common for a driver who has violated a U-Turn to receive a traffic police citation. The laws in Chicago, Illinois, have allowed drivers to make a U-turn. Even as this is the case, the driver needs to make sure they turn in the right lane and location and ensure that no pedestrians and vehicles are coming towards you.

Here is how you know that the law has been broken.

  • A driver driving any motor vehicle on the road should not turn and head in the opposite direction until they make sure that it is safe and the movement does not interfere with the traffic
  • The vehicle should be turned to head in the opposite direction at a curve when nearing or approaching the crest of a grade where the motor vehicle is not visible to the driver of a driver coming from any direction of the road at 500ft

You can find the laws in Illinois Vehicle Code at 625 ILCS 5/11-802) and other U-turn violation of subsection 9-16-040 of the City of Chicago Municipal Code. Our Chicago Traffic Lawyers will explain the law to you and help you understand if it was a wrongful turn. Explain your case to skilled U-Turn car accident lawyers, and let us guide you on any traffic related auto accident legal issues.

What Will Happen If You Make an Illegal U-Turn

There are several reasons why U-turn motorcycle accidents can occur. Here are some major causes of a U-turn motorcycle accidents.

  • Bad weather or inclement weather conditions changes. When there is a storm, heavy rain, and even direct sunlight the road conditions changes
  • When drivers do not obey the traffic rules or ignore traffic control signs
  • When the U-turn is made at an improper location
  • When the driver is in a hurry, there is a possibility of them making a U-turn without yielding or looking and end up causing injuries to pedestrians

When you make an improper U-turn, some consequences come after that. You will be given a ticket for making an illegal U-turn. When you pay the ticket, it ends up being a conviction, and it will be seen in your driving record. The record can lead to your driving privileges being taken away.

A citizen who is 21 years old or older can have their license suspended after they get a moving violation 3 times in a period of 12 months. For individuals who are below the age of 21, after getting 2 strikes within 24 months, it can result in their driving privileges being suspended.

It is important to avoid getting a U-Turn conviction this way it will not lead to you having your license suspended. Other consequences include fines, higher insurance rates, and other additional costs that can be incurred during accident claims.

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Different Types of U-Turn Accident and Who Is Affected

As a driver on the road, you should be aware of some of the U-turn accidents that can occur. Here are some of the common accidents.

  • A head-on motor vehicle collision can happen as a result of the driver making a U-Turn while there is oncoming traffic
  • When a U-Turn driver makes a turn without looking if there are pedestrians and happens to hit one or even more pedestrians on the pedestrian crossing
  • Setting off a chain reaction can cause multiple collisions when there is oncoming traffic and/ or their vehicles behind the driver
  • When the U-Turning driver does not have enough time to make a maneuver, the oncoming car hit the U-Turning car’s side
  • When the driver fails to make an adequate sharp turn, there is a high likelihood of sideswiping a vehicle that is next to the lane the individual was turning into
  • When the driver makes the mistake of either stopping or reversing during a U-Turn, and they get rear-ended by a motorist behind them

Most accident victims of Chicago U-turn accidents are mainly pedestrians and drivers who were busy going about their business.

It is important to observe traffic rules and to observe safe driving habits while making U-turns to avoid the risk of accidents and variety of damages that can occur. You have a duty of care towards other road users. U-turn accidents can cause harm to you and other motorists on the road and end up with you having to pay off huge sums of money to the victims because of injuries or property damage.

When you get a U-turn ticket from the traffic officer because of making an improper U-turn and end up with an issue of violations, feel free to call a U-Turn car accident injury Attorney.

Talk to a Traffic Attorney

After getting pulled over by the motor vehicle traffic police and getting handed that traffic ticket, talk to us. Before you make a move to pay for the ticket, consider calling a traffic attorney to represent you. Once you pay for that ticket, it goes in your public driving record, and it is counted as an offense.

We have been to court more times than we can count, and we have experience representing clients with all kinds of traffic tickets. We have served clients from DuPage County, Kane County, and Lake County, and helped each of them solve their U-turn accident cases we want to help you too. We want to help you keep a clean record or even get it dismissed.

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