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Traffic tickets are common in Illinois. They can result in higher insurance rates for the driver as well as other consequences that may affect their life. If you have three moving violations within one year, your driver’s license will be suspended. For these reasons, it is often wise to fight a traffic ticket in court.

You need an experienced Orland Park Traffic Lawyer to help you resolve your court case in the most favorable way possible. Our experienced attorneys are available to assist you in taking care of traffic tickets and other traffic law matters including driver’s license reinstatements. Call us at (708) 465-1040 to schedule a free consultation to get started.

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What Are Common Moving Violations in Orland Park?

Traffic tickets are given for various reasons, and hundreds are issued each day in Illinois. They can be as simple as running a stop sign or speeding, to more serious offenses like driving under the influence. The most common traffic tickets are:

Moving violations range from relatively minor traffic offenses to very serious in nature and can come with jail time. No matter the reason for the ticket it needs to be properly issued. If you have been wrongly ticketed reach out to our attorneys to fight your case in court.

Will You go to Court When Fighting a Traffic Ticket?

It is not uncommon for traffic violations to be resolved in court and in some cases it may be in your best interest. If you receive one ticket, it would benefit your case if the matter went before an Orland Park judge as they can take into account factors that are beyond just what was written on the citation itself.

Orland Park traffic lawyer

In addition, depending on how many tickets someone has received within a year period will dictate whether or not going forward with their case through legal channels is worth even considering- three tickets could result in the loss of driving privileges so being proactive now by hiring legal representation from an experienced traffic defense lawyer who knows all of these ins and outs might prove invaluable later when you’re facing another ticket or two!

How Lawyers Can Help Fight a Traffic Ticket

You can choose to pay for a ticket within the allotted time period, but this will be an admission of guilt and could lead to increased fines or penalties in the future. Another option is to contest the ticket by requesting a court hearing. The court hearing will allow you to present your case where a determination will be made about whether or not you were guilty of this offense. Results from these hearings are almost always better when utilizing qualified Orland Park traffic law attorneys.

Dismissal of the Charge

A skilled Orland Park traffic law attorney works hard to accomplish several things. First, your traffic matters may be able to be dismissed if they were not issued properly or there is not enough evidence in the case. Your lawyer will also work with you on getting your traffic charges and fines reduced-you do not want a bad record! The best course of action for any situation involving tickets depends entirely upon what happened but regardless they are always prepared to investigate every detail and recommend appropriate actions for their clients’ cases.

Experienced Representation

If you’ve been given a traffic ticket, going to court for it can be the best way to defend yourself and keep your driving record and insurance rates from being negatively affected. If found not guilty, the case will resolve without issue – but if convicted of any offense on your part or that is contested by an attorney in their defense against you, then it could stay with you long after this one incident has passed. A Chicago Traffic Lawyer will review all aspects of your particular situation to represent you during trial proceedings and defend your driving privileges.

Review Your Case With Our Traffic Attorneys

Don’t let your traffic tickets hang over your head! Hire an accomplished attorney for the best possible resolution. With a team of experienced attorneys and staff, our dedicated law firm helps clients throughout Cook County resolve their ticket troubles with ease, while still providing high-quality service. Contact our Orland Park law office today so we can arrange for your free initial consultation; it will be well worth your time and money

Get Your Ticket Dismissed!

Did you know you don’t always have to pay a traffic or speeding ticket? If you feel that your ticket was not fair or misrepresented the situation, you can fight back!