What to Do if You Get a Ticket for Being on Your Phone in Illinois

In Illinois, using your phone while driving is against the law. This includes talking on the phone unless you use a hands-free device or call 911 in an emergency. If you get a ticket for breaking this law by using an electronic communication device while driving you should pay the fine or go to court. There may be other options available depending on the severity of the violation and your situation.

Take the ticket seriously and follow the necessary steps. If it’s your first minor offense, you can attend a traffic safety school or an online defensive driving course to lower the fine or avoid license points. Using a phone while driving is dangerous and should be avoided.

A Chicago traffic attorney can assist you with contesting a ticket if you believe there was an error or if you wish to seek a reduction in penalties. Call us at (708) 465-1040 to schedule a free consultation.

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Illinois Laws Regarding the Use of Cell Phones While Driving

Illinois has a new law that aims at reducing distracted driving in normal traffic and making roads safer. This law, House Bill 4846, enforces stricter rules on using a mobile device for communication while driving. If caught by law enforcement officers using a handheld electronic device used for communication while driving, motorists will receive a ‘moving violation’ traffic offense ticket that will be recorded on their driving record.

This is different from before when hand-held cell phone violations were only treated as non-moving violations. Excessive moving violations, including cell phone tickets, may result in license suspension for drivers in Illinois. It is crucial for all motor vehicle drivers in the state as a single mistake could affect their daily lives by losing driving privileges.

a man texting on a phone while driving

In Illinois, it is illegal and potentially hazardous to use cell phones while driving, which includes activities such as making phone calls, texting, and holding the phone while operating a motor vehicle. Even reaching for the phone while driving can be considered illegal. The only time it is allowed is when the vehicle is parked away from public roads or highways.

Using a handheld device while driving is highly discouraged and may result in traffic violations or more serious consequences. It is important to understand the laws and avoid any distractions while driving.

Are There Any Exceptions?

Cell phone use while driving is forbidden in Illinois. This law exists because it increases the risk of bodily harm accidents and permanent disabilities. Even if you are stopped in traffic or on the shoulder, it’s still illegal to talk or text on your phone.

There exist certain emergencies where the general rule does not apply. Your phone is permitted for emergency purposes only, such as:

  • To call 911 to assist someone at an emergency scene.
  • By an employee of an emergency services agency who is driving an emergency vehicle and is engaged in official duties.

Physically or Electronically Integrated Systems

The integration of devices and systems in cars has improved safety, convenience, and functionality. A smartphone attached to a car’s charging cord can access navigation, audio streaming, and messaging apps. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration allow drivers to access all phone apps safely. Wireless phone connection to a car’s speaker system alerts drivers of texts or calls without taking their eyes off the road.

However careless use of these technologies can result in felony offenses and penalties. While Bluetooth integration allows for hands-free phone use drivers should still keep both hands on the wheel.

Penalties for Receiving a Cell Phone Ticket in Illinois

If you receive a ticket from a police officer for illegal cell phone use while driving in Illinois, you could be subject to fines and even jail time. The severity of the penalty depends on whether it’s your first offense or if you’ve received multiple tickets.

For a first offense, you may receive a cell phone ticket fine of up to $75 and have court costs added on top of that. Additionally, subsequent offenses within one year can result in a suspension of your license. For subsequent cell phone usage offenses, you may be fined up to $150 and have court costs added on top of that. The court may also sentence you to up to 30 days in jail for multiple offenses.

It is important to understand the law regarding cell phone usage while driving and the consequences of breaking it before using your cell phone while driving. Taking time to learn the guidelines for cell phone usage while driving and following them can help you avoid costly tickets and ensure that everyone on the road is safe.

CDL and Cell Phone Tickets

If you have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), a ticket for using a cell phone while driving can have serious consequences. Commercial drivers are held to higher standards for traffic and safety violations. Non-commercial drivers may not face many consequences for a first-time infraction, but the Illinois Department of Transportation views this as a serious offense. Penalties can include fines, points, or even disqualification.

a woman texting while driving a car

If you receive a cell phone ticket as a commercial driver, seek guidance from a Chicago CDL attorney immediately. They will protect your legal interests and advise on the next steps. Don’t wait until it’s too late – contact an attorney today.

Is it Worth Fighting the Ticket?

When you are issued a traffic ticket, the question arises: should I just pay for the ticket? Paying your ticket requires you to plead guilty and if that is not an option for you then paying online or by mail is not an appropriate course of action. You should weigh your options carefully and ask yourself what is best for your particular situation. Oftentimes, people can request court supervision which may be a good alternative to pleading guilty.

Court supervision allows people to avoid a fine and possible jail time if they obey all traffic laws in the period of supervision established by the court. It could also potentially reduce or eliminate points on your driving record. However, you should consider all these factors before deciding whether or not to pay for your ticket. Ultimately, it’s important to do some research into both options before concluding as each situation varies from person to person.

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