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We all know it is a very good idea to get insurance. At any point in time while driving on the road we can be involved in an auto accident even if it’s not your fault. There are many people who get into Chicago car accidents and the other driver may not have insurance and can leave you with a large bill. Chicago is in one of the most strict states when it comes to insurance laws. Check out below for everything you need to know for a no insurance ticket.

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Do I Need Insurance in Chicago?

Yes, currently in Chicago all drivers who are operating a motor vehicle on a public roadway are required to carry insurance. Under the current law, you are required to provide proof of liability insurance upon request from a law enforcement officer. You are allowed to carry a digital copy of your insurance on your phone. You do not need to have the physical copy with you in your vehicle as long as you can pull up your insurance on your phone.

What Happens if You Get a No Insurance Ticket?

If you get a no insurance ticket, then you will likely get a court date assigned to you and you will be required to go in front of a judge and show your proof of insurance or explain why you didn’t have insurance. Furthermore, if you did not have insurance and receive a conviction for no insurance, then you will face a license suspension and be required to get SR-22 insurance.

Can a No Insurance Ticket get Dismissed?

Yes! If you were insured on the day you were pulled over and you bring proof to the courthouse, then your ticket will get dismissed! Remember that if you provide the court with false insurance or a fake insurance card, you will be charged with a misdemeanor offense and will be facing jail time.

No Insurance Penalties: How Much is a Ticket for Not Having Car Insurance?

For first and second offenses, a fine can be between $500 – $1,000. Your driver’s license can be suspended and your registration revoked for up to three months each time that it occurs. If convicted of such an offense while on suspension from previous infractions in any period during which one is not allowed to drive then these privileges will also be revoked for six additional months.

For a third or subsequent offense, you may be fined $1,000 and have your license plate suspended for four months. Getting your license plate reinstated will cost you an additional $100 fee. Additionally if convicted of three violations related to driving uninsured then you will have to file an SR-22 certificate.

You will need to hold SR-22 insurance for three years. This is an expensive form of auto insurance that needs regular monthly checks by the state Secretary of State’s office. If you do not keep it for the full three year period, then they will suspend or revoke your driver’s license again.

Do I Have to go to Court for a No Insurance Ticket?

Yes! If you have received a ticket for no insurance you are required to appear in court. This will lead to increased fines because court costs typically range from $250 to 350. You also may be facing a license suspension as well if you receive a no insurance ticket.

Can you go to Jail for a No Insurance Ticket?

Generally, a no insurance ticket is a fine-only ticket and a license suspension. However, if you are involved in a car accident and one of the passengers or drivers gets hurt, then you can face a misdemeanor no insurance ticket. A misdemeanor no insurance ticket can lead to up to 364 days in jail and a fine of up to $2,500. Furthermore, you may be facing a long-term license suspension due to the nature of the case.

If you have received a no insurance ticket and you have to go to court then let our Chicago traffic defense attorneys fight for you. Insurance laws are tricky and you might not know exactly how the insurance ticket will affect you long-term. You may get your license suspended or be required to get SR-22 insurance for 6 months as well. Let our firm help out and fight for you!

Get Your Ticket Dismissed!

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