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When you get a speeding ticket it is usually costly. A speeding ticket acts as a reminder to tell you to slow down. Even so, there are some key differences that set school zone speeding tickets apart. When you get a school zone speeding ticket you are likely to face really harsh consequences compared to a normal ticket. You are likely going to have a criminal conviction on your back and may have to pay heavy fines. For you to be able to understand the potential consequences of going above a school zone speed limit you should talk to a traffic attorney so they can explain it all to you. 

At Chicago Traffic Lawyers we frequently represent clients that have received tickets as a result of speeding in a school zone as well as other traffic offenses in Chicago that are similar. 

motorists that are traveling through a school zone are held by higher standards so the safety of the children can be maintained. It will be necessary for you to appear before a judge in court as a school zone ticket is most of the time taken seriously compared to most traffic violations.

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Chicago School Zone Speeding Laws

There are speed limits that have been set in the state of Illinois and every driver is required to adhere to these laws. As a motorist, operating a vehicle in excess of the rate posted speed limit in the state is known to be a violation of the traffic laws. The speed limit in a school zone is lower than average. When driving along a child safety zone the speed limit to be adhered to is 20mph and it is as well known that the penalty for exceeding that speed limit is higher. It is important to note the children’s safety speed enforcement zones and to who the school zone limit applies. It applies to:

  • Private or public secondary or primary school.
  • A secondary or primary school that is operated by religious institutions.
  • Public, private, or religious nursery school

It is necessary to understand the area that has been classified as a school zone. A school zone refers to the area that immediately surrounds the school. Also, any public thoroughfare where the children pass by as they go to and from their school. It is a requirement of the law for the school children to be so close thereto so they can avoid any potential hazards that are likely to exist due to close proximity of motorized traffic. The school zones are only in operation during school days that is from Monday through to Friday from 6:30 am in the morning up to 4 pm in the evening. 

Fines and Penalties for Speeding in a School Zone

According to the Illinois vehicle code speeding in a school zone is classified as a petty offense. A petty offense can only attract a fine as punishment. The maximum fine in traffic court for petty offenses is one thousand dollars. However, getting a ticket for speeding in a school zone is a serious traffic offense that can result in the suspension of your driving license by the secretary of state. 

According to 625 ILCS 5/11-605, the law has stated the required speed limit in a school zone is twenty miles per hour as previously stated.

an image of a school crosswalk sign

The Public Act 102-58 that took effect in July 2021 states that a school day begins at 6:30 am and ends at 4 pm. For an area to qualify as a school zone it is a must for the sign to show the maximum speed limit to be posted. According to technicalities, it is necessary for the children to be near enough such that a hazard occurs. However, most of the time a judge will conclude this anyway.

When you commit a first offense of speeding in a school zone you will have to pay a minimum fine of $150. A second fine or a subsequent offense will carry a mandatory fine of $300. You will as well have to pay an additional $50 to the school district. The court will be responsible for collecting the fine.

When you get three convictions as a result of a moving violation in a period of 12 months it will result in the secretary of state suspending your license. The rules are different for individuals that are below the age of 21. If they get 2 convictions in a period of 24 months it will result in driving privileges being suspended.

When you speed in excess and get a school zone speeding ticket you should take the matter seriously. When you get a speed limit ticket it is necessary for any individual that is facing these charges to consider hiring a qualified criminal defense attorney to represent them.

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Can You Get Court Supervision to Waive a School Zone Ticket?

When court supervision is assigned to most people it is given as a way for the individual’s driving record to remain clean. To most drivers that are facing traffic charges, this sounds like a good deal. Even as this sounds like a good deal it is important to understand what court supervision entails so you are able to protect your license.

When you have been found guilty of a traffic violation you will either get a conviction or be given court supervision. A conviction will be publicly reported and will be seen by employers when you are conducting driving record checks as well as insurance companies. On the other hand court supervision is less public. Only your attorney, courts, the police, secretary of state, and the prosecutor will see the supervision

Even as this is the case a school zone speeding ticket does not allow for court supervision. This means that in the case where you have been found guilty of going past the set special speed limit a conviction it will enter into your record.

How to Defend a School Zone Speeding Ticket

The first thing that you should remember is that you should not result in paying for your school zone speeding ticket. Why? You can fight your school zone speeding traffic ticket. It is necessary for the state to prove that the motorist in question has committed the offense of speeding in the school zone.

Your lawyer’s job is to find a weakness in the prosecution’s case so they can give your case a positive outcome.  

At our Chicago traffic defense firm we will aggressively defend your case so we can help you get a lesser charge or ensure that you are able to keep a traffic criminal offense off of your driving record. Call our Chicago criminal defense lawyer and let us help you beat that school zone speeding ticket.

Get Your Ticket Dismissed!

Did you know you don’t always have to pay a traffic or speeding ticket? If you feel that your ticket was not fair or misrepresented the situation, you can fight back!