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You might like the feeling of driving fast, or you might have not realized you were driving above the limit, but no matter the situation, speeding is a crime that can have severe consequences. Indeed, you have to know that if you are not backed by the right lawyer to face your accusations when accused of speeding, you might have to face some serious penalties. This is why as soon as you are facing a ticket, you should reach out to an experienced attorney, with the appropriate experience with speeding ticket cases. This will help you get your ticket dismissed.

We know how hard and stressful it can be to deal with a speeding ticket, which is why here at Ktenas Law, we will make our best to protect you and your rights. If you have been pulled over in the state of Illinois by a police officer and charged with a speeding ticket, contact us, we will work with you to avoid the strict penalties you might be facing otherwise.

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How Does The Law In Illinois Work Regarding Speeding Tickets?

In Illinois, the speeding law is rather strict. There are absolute speed limits throughout the state and violating such limits results in crime. The law also prohibits driving at a greater speed than what is reasonable given the traffic conditions and the possibility of endangering other people or property.

Some absolute speed limits in the state of Illinois are:

  • 70 mph on interstate highways,
  • 30 mph on urban district roads
  • 20 mph in school areas

How Does The Speeding Ticket Points System Work in Illinois?

As you might already know, violation of driving rules results, in the state of Illinois and in many other US states, in the addition of a certain number of points to your driving record. The significance of points for violations are different from state to state In Illinois speeding tickets can result in a minimum of 5 points and to a maximum of 50 points. In this state. no matter the number of points, you might have your driver’s license revoked or suspended if you have been convicted of a certain number of violations within a certain period.

Here is a guideline to help you understand how does the speeding ticket points system work in Illinois:

  • Speeding 1-10 mph above the limit – 5 points
  • Speeding 11-14 mph above the limit – 15 points
  • Speeding 15-25 mph above the limit – 20 points
  • Speeding more than 25 mph – 50 points
  • Speeding in a school area – 20 points
  • Speeding in a construction zone – 20 points

Points are the basis upon which the length of a driver’s license suspension is imposed. To give you some more information and some basic understanding of how it works in the state of Illinois, here is the guideline you should follow.

If you are a driver older than 21 years of age who has received 3 citations within 12 months, the points you collected will be added up by the Secretary of State and this will determine for how long you’ll have your license suspended. If you the total points add up to :

  • 15 to 44 points – you’ll get 2 months-long suspension
  • 45 to 74 points – you’ll get a 3 months long suspension
  • 75 yo 89 points- 6 months-long suspension
  • 90 to 99 points – 9 months suspension
  • 100 to 109 points – 12 months- suspension
  • more than 110 points – Revocation of your License

If you are a driver under 21 years of age receiving 2 citations within 2 years (or 24 months), the added of the points you got will determine for how long your license will be suspended:

  • 10 to 34 points – 1 month of suspension
  • 35 to 49 points – 3 months of suspension
  • 50 to 64 points – 6 months of suspension
  • 65 to 79 points – 12 months of suspension
  • more than 80 points – revocation of your license

Why Should I Try To Get Defense For A Traffic Ticket?

You should fight traffic tickets because it will help you increase your liability insurance premium, which simply means to protect you from unnecessary costs. Some insurance companies might raise their rates to the 500 percent for 3 to 5 years in response to convictions. And you should know that such a raise can cost you thousands of dollars.

For this reason, you should hire an attorney. Having a professional protecting your rights will also help you keep your Motor Vehicle Record clean or to mitigate the charges that have been already placed on your record that can be of help for future convictions. Indeed, the court will look at your record to determine the penalty for your case. With a conviction for speeding, you will have little or no chances for your charges in future citations to be dismissed. With a lawyer working on saving your record, you’ll have better chances to have it saved again in the future.

What If I Don’t Pay My Traffic Tickets or Fines?

You should never ignore or refuse to pay a traffic ticket in Illinois, as a conviction might be entered. Every court will follow different procedures, but generally, convictions might lead to the suspension of your license, increased insurance rates, and maximum fines. You will not be able to renew your license until you pay all of your tickets on your record.

If you failed to pay a traffic ticket or if you appeared in court and failed to pay the fees and costs ordered, you should speak to a traffic ticket attorney here in Illinois who will help understand the options you might have.

How Much Will I Be Charged With A Speeding Ticket In Illinois?

When driving between 1 to 20 mph over the limit, you should expect a $120 fine, between 21 to 30 mph over the limit, your fine will be around $140. When driving 26 to 34 mph over the limit, you are charged with a Class B misdemeanor, which might lead to a 6 months imprisonment and a fine of a maximum of $1,500.

Speeding for 35 miles per house or more over the limit, means you are guilty of a class A misdemeanor, whose consequences might result in up to 1 year in prison and up to $2,500 in fines.

Fines might depend on the location or conditions: for example, when found speeding in a school zone or working zone, your fine will be much higher than on the highway.

Get The Right Legal Defense

If you have been issued a ticket unfairly, you can challenge the violation. No matter your situation, you should hire a Chicago Traffic Lawyer to help you defend you in court and to help you solve your case with your interests in focus. Here at Ktenas Law, we will help you find the justice you deserve and we will work hard to keep your driving record clean. Don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule a free consultation.

Get Your Ticket Dismissed!

Did you know you don’t always have to pay a traffic or speeding ticket? If you feel that your ticket was not fair or misrepresented the situation, you can fight back!